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Roald Dahl Day 2017



Have you ever been to a gourmet restaurant? Well, today the children in Year 6 have put their taste buds to the test while visiting Dahlicious Desserts – the finest Roald Dahl themed restaurant in King David Primary School.


Unlike a normal restaurant, the children didn’t sit and enjoy their meals – they had to get busy cooking. Once the dahlicious treats were prepared, we sat down to enjoy a six-course taster menu in dahlightful surroundings.


Our palettes and our minds were taken on a journey as we enjoyed food inspired by Roald Dahl’s books.


First we visited James and the Giant Peach were we enjoyed crispy wasp stings – otherwise known as matzah topped with cinnamon butter, coconut, honey and lemon zest for that extra sting.


Next we worked with George to concoct a marvellous medicine of our own, consisting of toothpaste, plaster, shoe polish, toe nail, flea powder and a splash of gin…..just kidding it was mainly jelly and fruit!


After that, we attempted to save children from the hands of the witches by cutting off their wafer thin fingers and enjoying them dipped in icing and sprinkles.


Our tummies were getting full by this point but we were able to squeeze in a visit to Willy Wonka’s Chocolicious Factory where we helped him to make chocolate apples trees for his garden.


As you can imagine, we were feeling a bit thirsty by this point. What better way to wash everything down than with a little bit of help from the BFG and an extra-large helping of whizz-popping Frobscottle?


Finally, we spent some time with some friends from the last book Roald Dahl published before his death – Matilda. As many of you know, in the story Bruce Bogtrotter is made to eat an ENORMOUS chocolate cake by the terrifying Trunchbull. Inspired by his efforts, we thought it most appropriate to round off our taster menu with the most dahlicious, scrumptious, tantalising, chocolicious chocolately, chocolate cake you have EVER seen!


Roald Dahl had a wonderful imagination and a talent for telling tales which has inspired many generations. Some of you may not know, Roald Dahl also had a great passion for food which can be seen throughout his books. Today we have tried to bring Roald Dahl’s two greatest passions to celebrate what would have been his 101st birthday. Happy birthday Mr Dahl – we hope we have done you proud!


To share in some of our celebrations, take a look at the photos below.


Have a dahlicious day!