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School Governors for 2017-2018 are:

Foundation Governors

Mrs L Lesin-Davis Chairman

Mr J Reuben Deputy Chairman

Mrs R Baker

Mrs M Beaver (Chair, Curriculum)

Mr J Ellenbogen

Mrs R Endfield

Mrs J Levensohon

Parent Governors

Mrs L Bradshaw

Mr S Mann


King David & Harold House Foundation Chair

Michael Fraenkel (Max Marcus nominee)

Staff Governor

Miss H Nelson

LA Governor

Miss A Lewis (Chair, Staffing)

Headteacher Governor

Mrs R M Rick

Co-opted Governor

Rabbi D Lieberman

Associate Governor

Miss M McDonald

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs J McMeakin


Governors' Committees:


Health and Safety




Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair)

Rachel Baker

Michelle Beaver

Jonathan Reuben

Rachel Rick

Jonathan Reuben (Chair)

Rachel Rick

Michelle Beaver (Chair)

Rachel Baker

Lea Bradshaw

Jonathan Ellenbogen

Rachel Endfield

Maureen McDonald

Helen Nelson

Rachel Rick

Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair)

Joanne Levensohon

Ste Mann

Jonathan Reuben

Rachel Rick


Avril Lewis (Chair)

Rachel Baker

Lauren Lesin-Davis

Rachel Rick


Campus Jewish Education Committee:

Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair), Rachel Baker, Ian Cohen, Rachel Endfield, Michelle Hayward, Gary Lesin-Davis, Max Marcus, Rabbi Lieberman, Rabbi Pereira, Rachel Rick, Mike Sutton