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15 Adar 5778

2nd March 2018

Ki Tisa

Exodus 30:11–34:35


The people of Israel had to give exactly half a shekel of silver to the Sanctuary. They also found out how to make a water basin for the Sanctuary. Everyone was reminded to keep the Shabbat.


The people waited for Moses, but he took a long time.  While he was away, they made a golden calf and worshipped it. G‑d was really angry and said he would destroy them all.  Moses persuaded G-d to give the people another chance.  He came down from the mountain carrying the tablets engraved with the Ten Commandments and saw the people dancing about their idol. He was so angry he broke the tablets. He destroyed the golden calf, and had the leaders put to death.


Moses was worried that G-d would not forgive them.  G-d did forgive them, but He said the effect of their sin would be felt for many generations. G‑d wanted to send His angel along with them, but Moses insists that G‑d Himself should come with His people to the promised land.


Moses prepared a new set of tablets and climbed the mountain once more.  Once more, G‑d inscribed the commandments on the tablets. He also gave Moses a vision of the divine thirteen attributes of mercy. When he returned to the people, his face was so radiant that he had to cover it with a veil.  He only took the veil off to speak with G‑d and to teach His laws to the people.


YR:  keeping Shabbat

Y1:  forgiveness

Y2:  following a good example

Y3:  working together

Y4:  keeping holy days

Y5:  consequence of actions

Y6:  keeping away from bad influences



Parsha summary adapted from

The weekly mitzvot are adapted from the JCP Primary Parashat Hashavua Curriculum, and form the basis of the school's PSHE curriculum for all pupils.