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23 Tishrei 5778

13th October 2017



Genesis 1:1–6:8


In the beginning the world was one big mess; nothing was in its place. During the six days of creation G‑d put each thing where it belonged.

On the 1st day, G‑d separated night and day.
On the 2nd day, G‑d divided the sky from the earth.
On the 3rd day, G‑d separated the land and the sea, and created the trees, flowers and grass.
On the 4th day, G‑d put the sun, moon and stars in their right places.
On the 5th day, G‑d put the fish, birds and reptiles (like snakes and lizards) in their places.
On the 6th day, G‑d created land animals like cows and sheep and the very first human beings,
Adam and Eve!
On the 7th day, G‑d stopped working and rested. It was


Adam and Eve married and went to live in the Garden of Eden, a very beautiful place.  Everything they needed was there for them. They had beautiful fruit trees from which to eat and plants, flowers and rivers to enjoy. Adam and Eve could to eat from any tree or plant except one: the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. G‑d told them they must not eat from that one tree.


However, the evil snake convinced Eve to take a bite, and she gave one to Adam, too. So Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden as punishment and from that day on they had to work for a living.  Life was much harder than before.


Adam and Eve had two children, Cain and Abel; one day the two had a fight and Cain killed Abel. From then on, G‑d cursed Cain and he became a wanderer.  He had no home and travelled all over the world without a place of his own. Adam and Eve had another child, Shet, who was Noach’s ancestor.


YR:  Everything comes from Hashem

Y1:    Saying ‘thank-you’

Y2:    Keeping our holy days holy is very important

Y3:    Working together

Y4:    Self-control

Y5:    Caring for the World

Y6:    Self-improvement



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The weekly mitzvot are adapted from the JCP Primary Parashat Hashavua Curriculum, and form the basis of the school's PSHE curriculum for all pupils.