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08/06/2020 Week 8

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about music. Learning may focus on famous musicians, listening to and performing music and exploring a range of music genres and instruments. 


Making Music Begin by watching this video on how to make musical shakers. Task your child with making a variety of their own shakers using empty bottles from the recycling. Fill them with different dry foods/things from the gardenHow can they make the shakers sound different? Remember to decorate them to make them look super fun too! After this, you could design a new instrument! 


Writing instructions Once you have made your shaker, write a set of instructions to teach other people how to make one. Watch the video above once more to get some ideas, and discuss the features of instructions (equipment, bullet points, numbers, time connectives etc.) and use the instructions template to complete them. Don’t forget to add some super illustrations to go with each step. 


  • Instructions template


Famous Musicians Find out about all of the famous singers and bands from Liverpool such as The Beatles here and here Listen to some of their music. Ask your child to list what they like/dislike about the music. What genre of music is it? Does it remind them of any other singers or bands that they know? Create a fact file about the musician/s.


  • Fact file template.


Making More Music! Can your child use different parts of their body to make music e.g. clicking fingers, stamping feet? Watch this video and see if you can follow along with the actions too. Can you make up your own body percussion sequence and find new ways to make different sounds. You can get some more ideas here.  Once you have worked out a sequence try performing it as a family and film it so you can watch it back. 


The Four Seasons Vivaldi wrote The Four Seasons during the early Classical period. Using the seasons grid ask your child to finish off the first sentence and then draw each season in the four boxes while they listen to the music here. Discuss how each ‘movement’/section sounds different e.g. Spring is energetic and has a fast tempo. 


  • Seasons grid


What can I Hear? Begin by watching this video about different sounds in the home. Ask your child to visit different places in your home or garden. Get them to list all of the different sounds that they can hear e.g. the humming of the fridge. Which room is the noisiest? Encourage them to use words such as volume, tempo, pitch and beat. After this, ask your child to record the sounds using your phone and play them to the family. Can the family guess what the sound is and where it is coming from? Your child can also try and replicate the sound with their voice or body (using body percussion) and the family could guess what it is. Good luck!