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I would like to tell you all about how you can make a difference to supporting the education of your children. King David Harold House Foundation is inextricably linked with King David Primary school’s standard of excellence.  As a voluntary aided school, we rely on parental contributions paid to the foundation.  These contributions pay for our security team, members of teaching staff, teaching equipment amongst may other essential  resources.  The  financial  support  the  Foundation  provides the  school  enables the  primary  school  to deliver high quality education and, just as importantly, supports the school’s extra-curricular programmes and pastoral support for students.   You will be aware that our celebrations around the festivals are a highlight for students and these would not be possible without the foundation’s support. I  would  ask that  you  support this  in  any  way  you  can.  If  you do  not  already  contribute to  the  foundation, then  we  would  ask  that  you  consider  a  regular  voluntary  contribution.  We  know  that  every  family  has different circumstances, so any contribution would help, but a suggested figure of £50 per term would be enough to support the Primary School to continue to keep standards at the level we would all expect. There is a link to donate to school link on ParentPay or click on the link below:



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