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King David Primary School home page


School Governors for 2020-2021 are:

Foundation Governors

Mrs L Lesin-Davis Chairman

Mrs J Levensohon (Deputy Chairman)

Mr J Reuben 

Mrs L Bloom

Mr J Ellenbogen

Mr O Atsmoni

Mrs A Lerer

Parent Governors

Mrs Keating

Mr S Mann


King David & Harold House Foundation Chair

Michael Fraenkel (Max Marcus nominee)

Staff Governor

Miss H Nelson (Chair, Curriculum)

LA Governor

Miss A Lewis (Chair, Staffing)

Headteacher Governor

Mr M Shaw

Co-opted Governor

Rabbi Fagelman

Associate Governor

Mrs M Wilson

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs A Newport


Governors' Committees:


Health and Safety




Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair)

Jonathan Reuben

Mathew Shaw

Jonathan Reuben (Chair)

Mathew Shaw

Helen Nelson (Chair)

Jonathan Ellenbogen

Rachel Endfield

Lisa Bloom

Maureen Wilson

Mathew Shaw

Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair)

Joanne Levensohon

Ste Mann

Jonathan Reuben

Mathew Shaw


Avril Lewis (Chair)

Lauren Lesin-Davis

Lisa Bloom

Mathew Shaw


Campus Jewish Education Committee:

Lauren Lesin-Davis (Chair), Ian Cohen, Rachel Endfield, Michelle Hayward, Max Marcus, Rabbi Fagelman, Lisa Bloom, Mathew Shaw, Mike Sutton