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School Code of Conduct

Agreement for school


The school will do its best to:

· Promote the Jewish ethos of the school.

· Care for the emotional well-being of every child by creating a safe and happy school environment.

· Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which meets with the individual needs of every child and the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

· Encourage every child to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum, and pursue their interests and talents.

· Ensure children are taught how to keep themselves safe in the world and online.

· Respect the cultures and religious beliefs of all our children.

· Ensure the children have many opportunities to attend after school activities, go on school trips and have visitors to the school.

· Keep parents/ carers fully informed about their child’s progress.

· Welcome parents/ carers into the life of the school and keep them informed about school activities and achievements.