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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Here at King David, our school rules of Chesed (kindness), Kavod (respect) and Achrayut (responsibility) lead into and become a part of, our vision of building kehillah (community).



King David Primary School Mission Statement

King David Primary School is a Modern Orthodox Jewish school. Alongside providing a stimulating and enriching education, we believe nurturing the spiritual, personal, moral, and cultural development of our children is fundamental to all that we do. Through our core values, we aim to create a community of happy and confident children, who are proud of their heritage and faith.



King David Primary School Vision Statement


King David Primary School is committed to:

  • building a supportive and nurturing community based on trusting relationships between children, staff, parents, and the wider community.
  • teaching children to be proud of and understand their Jewish identity, and to support their Jewish spiritual development so that they become well-rounded Jewish British citizens.
  • empowering children to stand up and become pillars of both the local and global community, making a positive difference.
  • unlocking every child’s potential, by delivering an outstanding and ambitious curriculum for all through forward-thinking pedagogical practice, excellent facilities and resources, and creative, passionate staff.
  • ensuring children have a knowledge of, and respect for, world religions and cultures.
  • ensuring children move onto the next stage of their development with the skills and values they need to drive their own futures to greater success and shape our diverse community for the better.

King David Primary School Community Song


At King David, we recognise the importance of building kehillah (community). One of the ways in which we create a sense of community is by singing together. Click on the link below to hear our community song:


Our Core Values

Introducing Our Core Values

British Values Policy

Our House Teams

A Guide to Our House Teams