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Post SATs Party

This week, would have been SATs week. At the end of this week, we usually have a surprise party for year 6. We know this is not quite the same but we are hoping it will go some way toward giving you some of the experiences you've missed. Our theory is that if we all do this at the same time, it will be like we are together.


Many of the activities in the pack below are things that we would have done if we were in school today. 


Every cloud has a silver lining and this situation is no exception. There are some activities here that we would not usually do but are things that have been inspired by the circumstances and will enhance the experience for future years to come.


Remember to send us LOTS of photos!


We truly, truly hope you enjoy the activities and have a great day! 


With much love


Mrs Goodman, Miss Nelson, Mrs Lawton, Mrs Lundstrom and Mrs Walsh


Celebrating in Style!