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Year 5



This week we are going to look at the City of Jerusalem that King David built – Ir David.  There is some research for you to do online and a quiz for you to complete. Have fun!

Ir David --- City Of David   

Introduction: King David conquered Jerusalem from the last of the Canaanites. He then made it into the capital city of Israel and he lived there until he died. While he was King he built a new city and his palace, near to the place the temple was going to be built. There are many stories told in the books of Nevi’im and Ketuvim about the city of Jerusalem that David started to build and which the other Kings continued.

We thought the places mentioned in the biblical stories were destroyed many hundreds if not thousands of years ago. However, over the last few years, archaeologists have discovered some amazing and fascinating things.


  1. Go to and have a look around the website.  You may want to visit the following:                                        
  1. The Interactive Jerusalem panoramic view
  2. The City Of David – Tours of Biblical Jerusalem including the video experience “The City Of David in 90 seconds”.                      
  3. The Interactive Jerusalem Virtual Tour
  4. Click on all places on the map and explore
  5. Go to  and have a look at another fascinating video about the Ancient City of David.
  6. Go to and see how many answers you can get from the following quiz- please write all answers in word form, do not use numbers. Take a picture of your answers and upload them to your Seesaw account.


  1. What is the place called where the East and West Valleys meet?           
  2. What mountain is the Temple Mount built on?                                     
  3. Which King’s Palace is built here?                                         
  4. Which group of people were trying to destroy the city 26 000 years ago?                                                        
  5. Who discovered the Shaft 150 years ago?                                          
  6. What is the name of the spring that supplied water to the city and where King Solomon was anointed?                        
  7. What equipment did some of the explorers leave behind over 100 years ago?                                                               
      6. What does each stone have to tell?  

Enjoy the song below :)

David Melech Yisrael