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Creative Projects

06/07/2020 Week 12

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about celebrations. Learning may focus on different types of celebrations that take place and who may celebrate them. It could look at how people celebrate event differently in other parts of the world.


Crafty Card Making  Ask your child to create a celebration card or a thank you card for a family member. This could be for a birthday, a religious celebration or just for being them.  What will they put on the front?  Can they use different materials to design their celebration card? Your child could practice their handwriting skills and write the address on the envelope, ready to be posted. 


  • Birthday card templates
  • Thank you card templates


Party Preparation Tell your child that they are going to become party planners.  They can plan a part for a person of their choice.  Ask them to write a guest list for the party, design an invitation and make a list of things they will need (e.g. banners and balloons).  They could even choose songs to play and write the shopping list for the party food.


  • Party list


Party Hats and Bunting Try making some party hats and bunting.  Think of a theme and plan your hats and bunting to match.


  • Blank bunting template
  • Design a party hat templates


Let’s Celebrate  Gather the family and sing the song ‘Celebration.’  Can you add actions to the dance?  Could you have a concert and perform to your family and friends?  Record the performance and watch it back as a family – post it on Dojos for your teacher and friends to watch.


  • Mindfulness bunting templates


Party Food & Games  Watch Bing’s Cake Party. Why not try to make some party food at home.  Try out some of the simple recipes  (iced biscuits, chocolate crispy cakes) and make some party food for a special family day.   Have fun with some party games.



How I celebrate Your child can watch this video about celebrations. Following this, provide them with a list of the months of the year. Can they list celebrations from around the world and match the months in which they are celebrated? Then ask your child to list what, if anything, they celebrate each month in a different colour. Which celebration do they enjoy most? Why? They could also match the celebration to the season e.g.

 Autumn: Diwali, Bonfire Night, Harvest Festival , Hanukkah

Winter: Christmas, New Year

Spring: Holi, Easter, Mother’s Day

Summer: Father’s Day, EID, Vesak