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29/06/2020 Week 11

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources



Dragons Love Tacos Listen to Dragons Love Tacos. Can your child draw pictures to represent the main events in this story? Use the writing story frame to set out the images and challenge your child to write a sentence to accompany each image. 



  • Storyboard Template



Time to get busy in the kitchen!Ask your child to look for a fun and simple recipe, either in a cookery book or magazine, or search together for a recipe on the internet. It could be something such as a posh French sandwich like Croque-Monsieur. Watch the video on how to make it, and find the recipe here. You may want to make some more challenging such as cookies instead. Ask your child to read out the list of ingredients while you get them ready, and then read each step together as you prepare it.  



Who Eats Who? Visit and use the class login Username: year one kd Password: Oxford owl. You can select eBooks and search for titles you are interested in. Look for the book Who eats who? all about the food chain, and read it together. Next have a look at the PowerPoint Food Chains and see if you can work out who eats who?



  • Food Chains PowerPoint



Chocolate! Watch Michael Rosen performing Chocolate Cake here. Discuss what they like about it, and what makes his reading of it so effective?  Ask your child to then perform their poem (see writing task) in a similar fashion. Encourage them to be as expressive as they can with their voice, facial expressions and mannerisms. 



Ingredients - Begin by asking your child to write a list of their favourite ingredients, and add these to the tally chart grid from last week. What are their favourites - Bananas? Raisins? Garlic? Carrots? Kidney beans? Sugar? Cheese? Tomatoes? etc.  Look through a cookery book together and ask your child to mark off the foods that they find from the list and tally them up.



  • Tally Chart template