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15/06/2020  Week 9

WRITING TASKS - Ideas and resources



Design a space rocket  First watch this video and then, using junk modelling from the recycling, ask your child to plan and design their own space rocket.  On paper,  first draw and label the design.  Create a bank of adjectives to describe it.  (Is it tall, long, shiny, fast, metal, gigantic, smooth, sharp etc.? )

Next turn the sound up on your computer and watch this video to hear a real space shuttle launch.  What sounds does it make?  Can you hear it crackle on take-off?  On your design, use some sound words (onomatopoeia) to describe the sound it makes.  Does it rumble/crackle/roar/zoom/whoosh as it begins to take off and then move through space?  Once you have finished you can then make your rocket and send a photo on Class Dojo. 


  • Design a space rocket



Space shuttle launch advert  What is persuasive writing or a persuasive advert?  Watch this video.  Now that your child has designed their rocket, ask them to create an advert of the rocket launch.  How much will it cost? What time will it launch?  Is there anything else on offer?  Use words that will convince people that it will be a super exciting experience to come along to and see!  Use the space shuttle page border for your advert.


  • Space shuttle page border



Diary Entry - Day 1  Watch the wonderful Disney short animated film titled La Luna. As you watch it, listen carefully to how the animators have created the atmosphere.  Listen to the music, look at the colours, shapes and textures.  Think about how it makes you feel as you watch it.  Does it fill you will awe and wonder? Would you like to be there? 

Do you have a diary, an old book or pad you could use as one?  If not, use the diary writing frame and make it into a booklet.  After you have watched the film together ask your child to imagine that they had been in the film and to write a diary entry about what happened, and how they felt watching the star crashing into the moon. Read the diary writing helpful hints as support for what things you should include. 


  • Diary writing helpful hints
  • Diary Writing Frame



Diary Entry - Day 2  Watch this video about Miss Mouse going to space to visit the International Space Station.  As you watch it, try to remember as many details as you can about the story so you can include it in your diary entry for Day 2.  Imagine what it was like to be Miss Mouse.  How long did it take to get there?  How did it feel once your rocket arrived there?  How did the earth look from the space station?  Did it look big or small?  Could you see the colours of the sea and the land?  Re-read your diary entry, check the helpful hints resource to give you ideas.  Try writing a few short sentences each day until you have completed your diary for a whole week.



Postcard from Space  Read ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’ together and think about all the places Hal goes in the night.  What does he see?  What colours are the planets he sees?  Write a Postcard to someone about your experience.  What time did you take off?  What sounds did you hear when you took off?  How did it feel when you finally came back to earth?  What did you miss most about Earth while you were in space?


  • Back to Earth with a Bump
  • Postcard from Space