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18/05/2020 Week 6

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources


The projects this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about famous or significant people.  Learning may focus on past or present inventors, explorers or scientists and how they influence society today.


Awards for Mary Seacole​- Mary Seacole was a Jamaican-born nurse who is remembered for helping soldiers during the Crimean War. Find out more about Mary Seacole on BBC Bitesize. Using ​this video​ your child can create a simple timeline of Mary Seacole’s life.  Ask your child to design a certificate, an award or medal for Mary Seacole. Your child could also locate Jamaica and Scotland on a world map. Try out Google Earth


Keep them Clean!-​ Mary Seacole visited Florence Nightingale, another important nurse, during the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale was known for highlighting the importance of hygiene when caring for the sick, particularly handwashing.  Find out more about Florence Nightingale on BBC Bitesize Ask your child to create handwashing posters for the home. They might want to make up a jingle too! For the jingle maybe use the tune of a familiar rhyme and change the words – click here for an idea


  • Blank Certificate Template
  • Medal Template


Intriguing Inventions – Talk with your about child what an inventor is.  Do they know any famous inventors.  Watch BBC Class Clips – Proud to be an inventor or the Book Review of Brobot by James Foley Challenge your child to invent something new.  Perhaps a new gadget for the home to keep the family entertained, or something that would help a doctor or a nurse. They can draw and label their design, and could have a go at making it using things from the recycling box. Share your ideas, plans or photos on Class Dojo.


Great inventors – Challenge your child to find out more about some of history’s great scientists and engineers. BBC Bitesize KS1 History pages are a good source of information  or try the clips on StoryBots Great Innovators series.


Printing - Gutenberg invented the printing press. Try this clip - Great Innovators: ‘Gutenberg and the Printing Press’ by StoryBots.  Why not try some printing using materials from the garden or around the house.  Dip these in paint or water and make some outdoor prints.  If you are feeling more adventurous try some sponge, vegetable or even foil prints (Ideas:


Desert Island Discs  - Marconi invented the radio. Try this clip - Great Innovators: ‘Marconi and the Radio’ by StoryBots Challenge your child to create a desert island in the garden or somewhere in the house.  If they could take 3 items: a book, a luxury and a source of comfort; what would they take.  Discuss the reasons. What 3 songs would they take to listen to and why.  Is it a song that makes them happy, they cannot live without, represents them?


Crazy Crayons  Review the story of The Crayon Man all about how Crayola Crayons were invented or watch How Crayons are Made – How it’s made.  Create a colourful picture from wax crayons.


  • Colouring Activity Pack


A Seriously Significant Somebody-​ Who is important to your child? What makes them so important? Your child could draw or paint a portrait of their significant somebody using a photograph or digital image to support them. They may wish to write an information report about this person too!


Henry Beulah 1912 – 1970  Beulah was a famous American inventor who invented over 100 new products.  She made several umbrella inventions from clip on covers to special umbrella bags. If you were going to design an umbrella what would it look like and what materials would you use? Try making a model umbrella using junk box materials you might find at home.  Challenge your child to create a design for an umbrella.


  • Design and umbrella template