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01/06/2020 Week 7

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about countries and cities around the world. Learning may focus on different cultures and traditions, famous landmarks, food and clothing. 


●  Flags Look at flags from around the world with your child. Discuss which are your child’s favourites and why? Ask your child to decorate or recreate the Union Jack, or another of their favourite flags; this could be through drawing, collaging etc. Can they place the flag on a map? There are some quizzes that your child can have a go at hereCan they create their own quiz about the UK? 


  • Design a flag template
  • Union Jack template


●  Dance Around the World  Watch the following dances: Diwali Stick DanceDancing and Spanish Flamenco Dancing. Encourage your child to have a go at some of the moves used in these videos. Record the dances and ask your child to evaluate what they did well and what they could do even better when watching them back. Can your child recreate one of the costumes using items from their wardrobe? Perform the dance to a family member. Remember to send some photos to your teacher using class Dojo.


●  Food Tasting Fun  Start by looking at the PowerPoint about how and where fruits and vegetables grow, and have a discussion about what they have found out. Find some vegetables in the kitchen (or the garden!) and if possible, find some different fruits from around the world. This could include: mangos, kiwis, pineapples and bananas etc.  Encourage your child to try them and have a discussion about which ones they liked and which ones they did not like. Cut the fruits open and task your child with sketching the inside of each fruit. Remind them to look closely at the patterns and shapes. After they have done their drawings, discuss what they have done well and what they like best about them. 


  • How-and-where-do-fruits-and-vegetables-grow-PowerPoint


●  Magic Wand Fruit Kebabs  You can then use the fruit to make some magic wand fruit kebabs. Look at the recipe together and discuss the features of instructions (ingredients, equipment, bullet points, numbers, time connectives etc.). Use what fruit you have available to make your own kebabs with your favourite combinations. 


  • Magic wand fruit kebab recipe


●  Where in the World? Have a discussion with your child about what is family tree. Try using the family tree template and fill in all of the family members your child can think of. Next talk all about your own family heritage. Discuss with them your traditions and where your family originates from. This may be where you live now or it could be somewhere completely different. Ask your child to create a poster all about their own family and what makes them extra special!


  • My family tree template


Speak the Language  There are lots of different ways to say hello around the world. Learn how to say hello in Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, Arabic and Italian with your child using Google Translate.  Practise writing hello using the colours of the flag for each country.