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15/06/2020 Week 9

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about space.  Learning may focus on our Solar System, the Sun and the Moon.  It could look at life in outer space from the view of an astronaut and travelling through space. 


●  Our Solar System - Encourage your child to think about what they already know about space and create a mind map.  Can they name the planets in our solar system?  Use the Solar System Song and this song to create a diagram showing the order of the planets.


●  3D Solar System  You might want to take on a messy project as a family and make your own solar system! Watch this video and then have a go at making planets using balloons and papier-mâché, and decorating them afterwards.  Don’t forget to take some super pictures and send to the class Dojo!


●  Astronaut Aerobics  Astronauts have to be fit and agile for their missions into space.   Ask your child to design a home workout and put your agility to the test!  You could even use Mr Garcia's video to help. 


●  Astronaut lunch box   Ask your child to plan a day of healthy eating for aspiring astronauts, thinking carefully about each food group. Watch this video about the five food groups and what makes healthy eating. Finally use the healthy eating lunch box and cut and stick the foods you want to go in it. You want to include a food from each of the five food groups to create a balanced meal. Remember to leave out most of the sugary foods, but it’s okay to have one small little treat!


  • Healthy eating astronaut lunch box 


●  What are Day and Night?   Share the video of day and night with your child. Follow up by completing the next section and then try the quiz to see how many answers you can get right!  Once you understand this and when you have made your solar system, turn off all the lights and use a torch to represent the sun. Spin planet earth around and around and see what happens when the light shines on one side and leaves the other side in darkness. This is how the sun creates day and night!


●  Rocket Creation - As part of their writing task, your child has designed a rocket.  Ask your child to create their rocket using objects they can find in the home such as cardboard boxes, newspapers and tin foil. Once you have made your rocket send a photo on Class Dojo so your teacher can see your wonderful creations!


●  Is There Anything Out There?  Tim Peake is a famous British astronaut.  Watch the powerpoint all about his space suit. Ask your child to record the questions they would ask him if they could interview him. Can they answer the questions in role as him? 


  • Tim Peake space suit


●  Design a Space Suit  Ask your child with designing a new space suit for Tim Peake.  What would make a good space suit and what materials would be best to use? Use your favourite colours and be as creative and crazy as you like, you could even stick things onto it to make it extra decorative!


  • Design a Space Suit