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22/06/2020 Week 10

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport.


● Transport Through Time​   Use these clips as a stimulus. The History of Transport 1 or The History of Transport 2.  Support your child to create a timeline of transport images from the past to the present. Can they draw and label different modes of transport in the correct order? Use the Transport Timeline Cards to help.  .  to create a timeline. Alternatively, create a booklet about different forms of transport. Find out about the first aeroplanes. Who was the first person to fly in one? Who invented the first train? Look at pictures of the penny-farthing. Why do you think we don't ride them today? What makes racing bikes different from mountain bikes?   


Transport Timeline Cards


● If I Built a Car Watch ‘If I Built a Car’ by Chris Van Dusen  Practise How to draw a Car.  Create your own design for a car of the future. Discuss your ideas before creating your poster. What would your car of the future look like?   Consider size, shape, materials, special features, etc. Label the different features of the vehicle, giving as much detail as possible.


How to draw  a car sheet

Car of the Future Activity sheet


  • Moving Models  With your child find some junk modelling around the house and support them to make a model car that moves or use Lego.  Try one of the ideas in the resources or copy the UNICEF challenge idea - Watch Dennis make a toy car.  Test out your car in the garden or during your daily walk. Does the car move faster or slower on a ramp? Why/why not?  What kind of surface does your car travel most smoothly along?


UNICEF Make a recycled plastic bottle car

Make a balloon car – awe and wonder activity


 ● Float your Boat ​Watch ‘Who Sank the Boat?’ by Pamela Allen as a stimulus for talking about what makes a boat float.  Using a variety of materials, work with your child to make boats out of junk e.g. wood, plastic , paper,  polystyrene etc. Make a prediction about whether or not they will float and then test them to see which floats the longest. Can your child summarise why this boat floated for the longest? Challenge them to explain why.



Wacky Wheels   Cut out a circle from an old cardboard box. Ask your child to create a wheel print using this template and paint. If you do not have paint, your child could draw around the circle and create a repeating pattern. Look at this ​Sonia Delaunay print​ for inspiration or the Shape in Art PowerPoint


Sonia Delaunay examples

Shape in Art PowerPoint


 ● Transport Across Europe  ​Show your child a map of Europe (You can use Google Maps if you don’t have an atlas).  Research the different means of transport in France, Mexico and India. Compare them to see which means of transport we have in common.  Why are some modes of transport more popular in some countries?  Create an information report on one chosen mode of transport. Include the appearance, age and what it’s commonly used for.