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04/05/2020 Week 4

Creative Projects – Ideas and Resources

The projects this week aim to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about sports and games.


Obstacle Course Fun 

Task your child with designing and making their very own obstacle course at home, inside or outside. Ask them to draw and label their design first and include all of the equipment they need. They can then use their design to create their obstacle course. Ask the family to complete the obstacle course whilst your child times them. Your child could even make medals from tin-foil or any other suitable material and present them to the winner during a winner’s ceremony.


Make a Family Mascot

Your child could make their very own family mascot using materials from around the house or from recycled materials. First of all, visit the Olympic Mascot Official list ​here​ and look at past mascots. What makes a good mascot?​ ​What qualities does the mascot represent? 


Remarkable Routines

  Can your child create their very own simple routine, just like a gymnast, dancer or synchronised swimmer? Start by watching a video of a routine together, here are some suggestions:  ​men’s gymnastic routine​, ​synchronised swimming routine. After this, your child can choose a piece of music to practise their routine to. When they are confident, why not film your child’s sequence or take some pictures. Watch the performance together- what does your child think went well? What could be even better? 


Terrific Team Kits  Ask your child to design their very own team kit. They should consider the flag of the country that they would represent and how to incorporate these colours into the design. They could draw the design with a pencil or use a computer program to do this. 


Can you Invent a New Olympic Game?​  Challenge your child to invent their very own game for the 2021 Olympics. Look at a list of all of the sports that already compete in the summer Olympics ​here​.​ Can they write a set of instructions for the new game or draw illustrations. Why not test the game out as a family?


  • Brilliant Bodies (Science/PE)

What can your body do?  Balance on one leg? Touch your nose with your tongue? Look at the ​body challenge cards​ and see how many you can do.  Ask your family to join in and make your own body challenge cards.


  • The NHS Change 4 Life website has some great games and activities, specifically ones for staying indoors. Have a look ​here​


  • For lots more ​clips, activities and ideas to get active visit the sport’s section on theCbeebies website​.