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08/06/2020 Week 8

MATHS TASKS  - Ideas and resources



General skills practice: Look at this song about the names and properties of common 2D shapes. Can your child complete the patterns on this sequencing game using 2D shapes? 

Ask your child to begin by saying any 2-D shapes they can see and name some of their properties (how many sides or corners it has; does it have some shorter and some longer sides or are they all the same/equal length? Does it have straight sides or curved sides? Etc.) 

Use items in the home such as Lego blocks, food items, cutlery etc. and make a sequence of items and ask your child to complete it. E.g. spoon, spoon, fork, spoon, spoon, ______ . Finally complete the sequencing activity. 


  • 2D Shape sequences


Focused tasks:

BBC Bitesize ​Lesson Focus: Day 1: Counting in 2s


Hamilton Trust Year 1 Maths Week 7 Day 1: Add using number facts 1



General skills practice: Share the PowerPoint about the names of common 3D shapes. Look at the tins/cartons of food in your cupboards. Discuss with your child which ones are cylinders, cubes and cuboids. Can they sort them into groups? Which 3D shape do they think makes the best packaging and why? 

Try this exciting game all about 3D shapes. Your child will need to understand and know shape properties such as how many faces they have, how many corners (called vertices) and how many edges in order to complete the game. Use similar shaped items in your home to help you, such as boxes, footballs, cans etc. 

Have a go at making the 3D shapes using the nets. Cut them out and clue them together carefully. Afterwards, test each other to name (and count) their properties correctly e.g. how any corners, faces or vertices do they have?


  • 3D Shapes
  • 3D Shapes properties
  • 3D Shape nets


Focused tasks:

BBC Bitesize ​Lesson Focus:  Day 2: Counting in 5s


Hamilton Trust Year 1 Maths Week 7 Day 2: Add using number facts 2



General skills practiceAsk your child to practise spelling the names of the 2D and 3D shapes; square, circle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid etc. and to complete the 2D and 3D shape name worksheets.


  • 2D shape names
  • 3D shape names


Focused tasks:

BBC Bitesize ​Lesson Focus:  Day 3: Counting in 10s


Hamilton Trust Year 1 Maths Week 7 Day 3: Telling the time (o’clock times)



General skills practice: Discuss with your child what a tally chart is and how they can be used. Explain how to mark things off in groups of 5 and how to show this. Next look at this game to explain how a tally looks and challenge your child to count some of the numbers, counting in 5s and answering some of the questions. 

Go on a shape hunt around the house or on your daily walk. Look for the things that match the 2D and 3D shape names.  Challenge your child to make a tally chart.  Discuss the findings.


  • 2D shape hunt
  • 3D shape hunt


Focused tasks:

BBC Bitesize ​Lesson Focus: Day 4: Repeated addition and multiplication


Hamilton Trust Year 1 Maths Week 7 Day 4: Days of the week



General skills practice: Review the song about 2D shapes, their names and properties. Play guess my shape. Describe some 2D shapes to your child based on their properties but without saying the name. Ask your child to draw the shape on a whiteboard and see if they draw the right one. Ask your child to do the same by describing a shape for you to draw.. 


Focused tasks:

BBC Bitesize ​Lesson Focus: Day 5: Maths in football


Hamilton Trust Year 1 Maths Week 7 Day 5: Months of the year


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