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18/05/2020 Week 6

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources


Royal Tea  Benjamin Zephaniah is a famous poet from Birmingham.  Listen to and share his poem ‘Royal Tea’ . Discuss. What did your child like about the poem? What did they dislike about the poem? What images came in to their mind?  Share the story of The Tiger who came to Tea by Judith Kerr.  Watch this video  Have some fun designing a teapot or a teacup


  • Teapot template
  • Teacup template



Significant People  Challenge your child to find out more about a famous or significant historical figure.  Can they tell you some facts about them and why we remember them today?




My Favourite story Ask your child to re-read one their favourite stories out loud.  Ask them to try it in a different type of voice e.g. voice of a mouse, voice of a gangster, voice of an old person. Remind them to use as much expression as possible . Task your child with creating an alternative ending!



The Crayon Man.  Watch together The Crayon Manwritten by Natascha Biebow.  A book celebrating the true story of the invention of Crayola Crayons.  Ask your child to find out about the favourite colours of the members of the family. What name would they invent a new name for a new colouring crayon.



Spread the word Click and read this e-book together, have a go at the on-line activities, and find out about more famous inventors: William Caxton, Alexander Graham Bell and Tim Berners Saxton.