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01/06/2020 Week 7

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources


‘I am Earth’ by Rebecca and James McDonald. Share the story and discuss with your child what they know about the earth.  Ask your child to look through their books, through a magazine or newspaper and find the names of different countries. Listen out for the names of different countries on the radio and television.  How many can they find this week?



Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.   Follow the story with your child.  Discuss what makes our world so special?  Make list of the top things your child likes about the world.



Recipes from around the world.  Help your child to look through cookery books for a recipe originating from another country.  Ask them to use their skills to read some of the ingredients. Why not make something if you have the ingredients.  Take inspiration or ideas from the CBeebiesCook Up a Storm With My World Kitchen’


  • Recipes for children



Share the story When I Coloured in the World. What would your child change about the world?  Ask your child to draw a picture of their ideal world.’



On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy. Ask your child to re-create a new page for the story, what ideas would they include.  What would they suggest had happened on the way home to explain how they got hurt?


‘On the Way Home’ page template