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08/06/2020 Week 8

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources



Start by discussing what music, bands or singers you like to listen to as family? Then discuss how songs are written and how records are made. Who does what in a band? Who keeps the time and who adds the accompaniment? Next listen to the programme Instruments Together to gain a little more insight into the life of an orchestra. Ask your child to design a poster or leaflet for a concert – who will be performing? What instruments will be played? How much will it cost to get in? Ask them to use as many describing words/adjectives that they can think of to describe the wonderful experience of visiting the orchestra. Good luck!


  • Leaflet template



Begin by watching Little Cloud, by Eric Carle. Ask your child to pay particular attention to the calming guitar music playing in the background and ask them if they feel this was a good choice for the story, and if so, why? How did it make them feel?

Next Ask your child to read their favourite book and while reading it, try playing some relaxing or classical music. After they have finished talk about how it made them feel again. Did it bring the story to life more? Did it make them feel relaxed, calm, happy, excited or other? Finally, ask them to mind-map their feelings and write down as many words they can think of. You may want to use a different mind-map for each story. 


  • Mind map template



Following on from the same theme of clouds as yesterday, listen to the song from Snoopy The Musical, titled Clouds. Have a discussion about what the characters can see when they look at the clouds. How many of them can you remember after watching it and have you been fortunate enough to visit any of these places or things in real life? Afterwards, take a short walk outside and have a look at the clouds. What can you see that looks like something familiar? 



Read along to the story Every Bunny DanceYou can register for free to read this and many other titles. As you read it click on the stars to hear the instruments, music and other sounds. Following this, discuss with your child all of the instruments and dances that appeared in the book, and write these down as a list. Once complete, read it again and write down any others that you missed. 



Watch the lovely animated story of a poor musician and a stray dog titled Rubato. After watching it all the way through once, watch it again but this time stop the film at certain points, e.g. 5:11 or 5:43. Discuss together what the characters are thinking. Ask your child to use the thought bubble templates to show this using short sentences. 


  • Thought bubble template