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15/06/2020 Week 9

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources


Did you know some astronauts live in space for months at a time? Watch this video about the International Space Station (ISS) Watch this video to find out what is it like. Next watch this video of astronaut David Saint-Jacques reading a story from the International Space Station. Ask your child to select a book of their choice and then to imagine they are inside it too, reading it in space. Imagine you are weightless and floating, without any gravity pulling you down to earth! Try turning off the lights and reading it with a flashlight just before bedtime to create a space like atmosphere in your room. You could record the experience on your phone and watch it back.



What do authors and illustrators do? Ask your child to listen to Look Up! read by the author Nathan Bryon. Before you watch it, prepare yourself with some paper and colouring pens and then take part in a drawing session with the book’s illustrator Dapo Adeola. Good luck!



Take a look at these facts about space and read them together. Next register or sign in for free to Oxford Owl and find some awesome books all about Planets to learn some further facts. Finally, print off and cut out the Solar System fact cards and use them to complete the fact hunt. 


  • Solar System Fact Cards
  • Solar System Fact Hunt



Start by reading the story together Blast off! On Oxford Owl. Next have a think about what things you would take with you if you went into orbit. What are the most important things that you would need? But don’t forget your toothbrush? Write the list of the 10 most important things you couldn’t do without!


  • 10 things I would take in my rocket



Listen to the story Beegu here about an alien who visits Earth. After you have watched it, can your child write a character description all about Beegu? Describe how she looks, what is she like, what does she do in the story, and what does she learn? Encourage them to reference events from the story. 


  • Character profile template