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22/06/2020 Week 10

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources​​​​​​​


Listen to Hey! Get off our Train.  Ask your child to use the story board template to order the events from the story. They can use a few short, simple sentences for each event and then do an illustration for each one.  Alternatively, click here and with your help, they can find out a clever way to make a book using a single large piece of paper by folding it several times and making just one cut! 


  • Storyboard Template



Visit and use the class login Username: year one king david Password: Oxford owl  You can select e-Books and search for titles that you are interested in.  Look for the book On your bike all about how to stay safe while riding your bike.  Read it together and then answer the questions on pages 17 and 18. 



Time to get dramatic! First listen to the story Whatever Next! by author Jill Murphy.  As you listen, try and imagine what it was like to be baby bear travelling on a box into space. Think about the sights, sounds, colours and how hot or cold it might be etc. Next pick one of the mask templates for baby bear and cut it out to make a mask.  Use the Hot seating baby bear questions and in role as baby bear ask someone to read you the questions while you answer them in character. Once you have had a go, ask someone else in your house to be baby bear, while you do the hot seating.


  • Hot seating baby bear questions
  • Bear role play masks



Time to get creative. Visit again (use the class login Username: year one king david Password: Oxford owl).  Read A Pony for a Day or Horses. Think about horses as a mode of transport.  What did people use to get around before cars? After you have read the book, use the bookmark template and make a bookmark all about horses.

Alternatively, ask your child to make a bookmark based on vehicles they like from the past and present. You can watch this amazing video all about the history of transportation for inspiration and pick your favourite one.


  • Bookmark templates



Find an old newspaper or magazine you have in the house and look through it to see what modes of transport you can find. Can you see any cars, trains, buses, aeroplanes, rockets, horses, bikes, boats, or anything else? List all of the different types of transport you can find and record these in the Tally Chart. Look again through the magazine from cover to cover and as you go mark each item in a tally.  Remember to record in groups of five to make it easier to count afterwards, using the multiples of five that you know. (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.). Once you have made your tally, record the final number of each mode of transport in the last column.


  • Tally Chart