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04/05/2020 Week 4

READING TASKS – Ideas and resources


Traditional Tales  Provide your child with a bag and ask them to collect items to go in it that relate to a well-known story. If they can’t find an item, they could draw a picture instead. Ask them to use the objects in the story bag to retell the familiar story




The Hero   Talk to your child about a hero from a book they have read recently, for example the Prince from Rapunzel or Mulan. Ask them to draw the hero or heroes from a story and list adjectives to describe their appearance and personality.




Martin The Mouse  Your child can listen to the CBeebies story ‘Martin the Mouse’ (​click here). Ask your child to record the main events from this sporty story. They can draw the events, write sentences or even retell the story orally in their own words.



Healthy Recipes  ​Ask your child to choose and read a healthy recipe from a recipe book. If you have the ingredients, why not follow the recipe together?


For recipes on line- CBeebies Easy Cooking with Kids Recipes e.g. How To Make Raspberry Ice Lollies



The Little Princess Watch and listen to ​‘​The Little Princess: I Want to Win​’ based on the Tony Ross book. Talk to your child after this about how the Little Princess felt each time she won a game. Can they think of a time they felt like the Little Princess?