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29/06/2020 Week 11

WRITING TASKS  - Ideas and resources



New School Menu! Do you like school dinners? Maybe you would like to change them so that you get all of your (healthy) favourite foods? Use the menu writing template and task your child with creating a new school menu. Is there anything they’d like to keep the same? How can they make sure the menu offers healthy choices? Will the menu be different every day? Have they included all of the food groups in each meal? Encourage them to include some vegetables, carbohydrates and protein in their meal.



  • Menu Writing Template



As part of your reading activity today, your child was tasked with finding a recipe to prepare. Once you have had a go at making the item together, ask your child to write their own set of instructions. Use the Recipe template to include the features of instructons; title, list of ingredients and a list of equipment with bullet points, numbers for the steps to follow, and time connectives (Fist, After that, Next, Finally) as well as the bossy verbs (cut, grate, chop, mix, stir, heat, wash etc). 



  • Writing Instructions



Food Packaging. Have a look at the Food Packaging template and decide which item you would like to use to design a new label for. Your child must include a picture of what the item looks like, a mascot and an eye-catching logo. Can they write information about it and why it’s healthy? They could include adjectives to describe the taste and an exclamation mark where relevant. 



  • Packaging Design template



Food Poem Begin by watching My Lunch, by poet Kenn Nesbitt. What do they notice about the language? Can you spot the words that rhyme? Next ask your child to write an acrostic poem about their favourite food. Can they include some onomatopoeia sounds words to describe how the food sound when you eat it? (slurp, crunch, burp, chew, chomp, sip etc). Use the Acrostic Food Poem template for inspiration, or your child can use their own words. For added challenge ask them to write a short sentence for each line of the poem. Finally watch this video about how to perform poetryEncourage them to perform it once they know it well, using lots of expression. 



  • Acrostic Food Poem template.



Begin by watching this video again about the five food groups and what healthy eating looks like. Think about why some foods are healthier than others, and why certain foods we need to eat more of and other foods we need to eat in moderation. For example, should we eat a lot of sugary food? Next think about what dairy foods do for us and their benefit. How much fruit and vegetables should we eat and why? Next look at the Food Group Matching Cards and cut and sort them into the correct pairs. Finally, use the Healthy Food Fill The Tummy activity and choose the healthy foods to cut and stick inside of the tummy, and label the foods you have chosen. You can challenge your child to write a short sentence to say why they consider each food to be healthy. 



  • Food Group Matching Cards
  • Healthy Food Fill The Tummy