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22/06/2020  Week 12

WRITING TASKS - Ideas and resources


DIFFERENT CELEBRATIONS What is a celebration?  Discuss with your child what they know and  understand about different types of celebrations?  How many  different types can they think of?  What are they called?  Look at the Celebrations Photo PowerPoint.  Watch Barefoot Bedtime: Let’s Celebrate by Kate DePalma for further ideas.

Ask your child to record some sentence about what a celebration is and the events that people usually celebrate.  Can they write some interesting facts about a special celebration they have taken part in. For example:  Birthday; Wedding, Halloween,


  • Celebrations Photo PowerPoint 
  • Celebrations writing template



INVITATIONS  Talk about different celebratory events that your child has been invited to.  Can they recall details of the location? What did they wear? How did they get there? What time did the event start and finish? How did they celebrate? Music, games, dancing?  Use this story as a stimulus for discussion: I am invited to a party by Mo Willems.  Create an invitation to a special celebration.  Remember to include time, date, place, etc.  (Writing Template)


  • Party Invitation template



LET’S PARTY  Get into gear by watching Piglet’s Party – The Minnie Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Task your child with planning a party for a special friend or a member of the family.  Ask them what they want to celebrate, the food, drinks, games, decorations, music, etc. What special things will they plan for the party?


  • Planning a party activity sheet.



SHOPPING FOR THE PARTY  Get in the mood with CBBC Street Party Song or watch Waffle the Wonder Dog: Waffle and the Birthday. Review the party plan from yesterday.  Make a list of the items that you have at home already and another list of the items that you will need to buy and the quantities.


  • My Shopping List writing frame



CELEBRATION POSTER Watch clip: Celebrations around the World.  Share ideas and create a poster of words associated with celebrations and parties.  Challenge your child to create a poster of words associated with celebrations. If they want a real challenge why not get them to create an acrostic poem of the word  CELEBRATION or PARTY, they can use their word poster to help


  • Celebration poster page borders