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04/05/2020  Week 4


WRITING TASKS - Ideas and resources


Fact File  Has your child got a favourite sportsperson? This could be their P.E. teacher or sports coach!   Ask them to write an information sheet about this person.  Things to include: name, age, birth place, famous for, interesting facts.


  • Watch this Clip of School boy Oscar meeting Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas, to find out about her job as a competitive sailor as a spring board for ideas.
  • Fact File Template



What would you ask?  Ask your child to think of questions they’d love to ask their favourite athlete.   They could write a list of questions using a range of questions words such as ‘​when’​, ‘​why​’, ‘​who​’, ‘​what​’, ‘​where​’ and ‘​how​’. Your child could then answer their own questions in the role as their hero.


  • Favourite Athlete Question Template



Story Stimulus  Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on ​The Catch.  Or your child could write their own sporting story featuring their hero.




Teamwork Poster  Can your child design a poster all about teamwork? This could be linked to your family and how you all have to work together as a team.




Medal Award  Ask your child to design a gold medal and present it to somebody deserving within the household. Why have they chosen this person? Ask them to write a few sentences and include the word ‘​and​’, ‘​because​’ and ‘​if​’


  • Medal Template