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13/07/2020 Week 13

WRITING & CREATIVE TASKS – Ideas and resources



Individual Qualities. Begin by watching this video about how our individual personalities make us specialAsk your child to think about what makes them special. What makes them different to other people? You could ask other family members to contribute to this too and record a list of your child’s individual qualities together. Following this, ask your child to record their individual qualities on the girl/boy template, or they may wish to use the back of some leftover wallpaper and draw around themselves to create a really big representation of them self. They may also wish to do this by creating a collage using cut out pictures from magazines that represent their individual qualities. Alternatively, they could draw pictures to represent their qualities onto the template. Talk together about the importance of being unique!



  • Girl template
  • Boy template 



Achievements. Your child has achieved so much over the course of the year and now it is time to reflect on what makes them proud. Ask your child to think about their proudest academic achievements and their proudest achievementsoutside of the classroom too. After discussing your child’s accomplishments, ask them to choose one. Work together to design and create an achievement medal or trophy. Do this by cutting a piece of cardboard into a circle or star shape, painting it gold or sticking shiny paper to it; or use the medal/trophy template. Write the number one on the medal and add string or ribbon. Why not have a ceremony and present the medal to your child? 



  • Medal template
  • Trophy Template



Saying Farewell Ending the academic year is a time for your child to say farewell to current teachers and sometimes to classmates too. Talk to your child about the friendships they have made this year. Who is important to them and why? What are they going to miss most about their teachers? Support your child to draw around their hand on paper and then carefully cut it out. On the template, ask your child to write a goodbye message to a friend or teacher. On each finger, they could write the qualities that this special person has displayed over the year e.g. kindness, being helpful, etc.



Memories. Over the last year, your child will have created many school memories that they will cherish forever. Capture these memories in a fun way by asking your child to create a ‘Memory Jar’. Using the memory jar template ask your child to write down their favourite memories. They can use different colours to show different categories of memory e.g. blue for friendship, yellow for teachers, red for favourite lessons etc.


  • Memory Jar template



Goal Setting. Read or listen to the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. Talk about how Gerald the giraffe showed determination when trying to achieve his goals. Ask your child what they would like to achieve next year, e.g. ‘to improve my handwriting’, ‘count in tens’ or ‘show more kindness to others’. After this, ask your child to choose 5 things from the list which they would like to achieve during their next school year. Work together to create a vision board. This can be done by cutting out pictures that represent the goals, pasting onto card and decorating. They could add personal qualities to their vision board too. Once they are complete, take a photograph of them and share with your teacher via class Dojo.